Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry Unit


The Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry Unit (PSM) is a research unit of the Hospital San Martino providing as well services to the general research community.
Its mission is twofold:

  • carry out research activities, mainly translational, in cellular, molecular and structural biology, in proteomics and in bioinformatics,
  • provide support to research units (both internal and external to the Hospital), research institutes, and industries in the characterization of biological molecules and polymers, through biophysical, biochemical and bioinformatics methods, by also making available the up-to-date equipments.

In this context, the activities of the unit are aimed at:

  • carry out research projects, both automously and in collaboration,
  • provide services to other research units, both internal and external to the Hospital.


The vision of the unit is centered around the following concepts:

  • continuous improvement of the quality and variety of the offered services,
  • central position of the researcher / user,
  • creation of the conditions for an adequate exploitation of research results,
  • creation of the conditions for constant and continuous synergy with the other Hospital units in order to identify research initiatives of common interest,
  • improvement of synergies with external bodies and companies operating in the biomedical and pharmaceutical fields, offering them high quality and specialization services,
  • increased commitment to research.